Education Programme

Mark has used his expeditions to create extreme global classrooms inspiring young people around the globe to understand themselves, their own potential, the responsibility they have to their local environment and the bigger picture globally.

His talks address a range of audiences from international schools and universities studying climate change and personal development, to animated talks including show and tell given to young primary age children. Throughout is Mark’s constant message which encourages young people to have respect for themselves, equal respect for the environment, think differently and have fun.

The role of an explorer is to raise awareness and promote the issues they encounter from a personal perspective. Through his work with international schools, Mark has shared discussions about climate change issues, cultural differences, and why there is a need to keep on exploring.

As a natural communicator and storyteller, on his first expedition, Mark linked with just 18 young people from his old school, and this has grown throughout his explorations to date, with him linking live to over 1.2 million children worldwide on his 2019 Mount Everest expedition.

Mark engages the students with a full understanding that what he says could inspire them and sway their direction to fulfil their future.

His engaging sessions give students an insight to his own path from a small boy based in the centre of the UK, to becoming an explorer who walks on parts of our planet’s surface which many of us will never get to see or imagine. With an element of show and tell, some schools may enjoy Mark bringing along his expedition equipment including his sledges, skis, extreme polar kit, and even a polar bear tooth.

Without fail, his interactive sessions bring to life the world of raw extremes outside the classroom, opening eyes to see just how remarkable the planet is.

Mark’s presentations begin with Shackleton and Scott - the pioneers of exploration, with a transition through to modern day explorers and exploration.

All presentations and themes can be tailored specifically to meet your own requirements, with time slots for morning, afternoon sessions or evening events. These can be tailored to work with classroom celebrations, school assemblies, and practical applications including university debates and awards nights.

Prior to all engagements, Mark will make contact to clarify your requirements for your desired event and confirm the content with you.


Our Skype call with Mark Wood was a highly motivational, exciting and educational experience. My year 5 students are still talking about it weeks later and will follow his future endeavors with great interest. A wonderful way to educate that opened up our eyes to the possibilities of using Skype as an educational tool. We can’t wait for our next Skype call.

Andrew Schulz | Year 5 class teacher Penleigh and Essendon grammar School, Melbourne Australia

Mark is a natural story teller, as well as being an explorer, who has true stories of adventure, bravery and global journeys. He captivated both the children and the adults at the children’s university graduation ceremony, and just one of the many comments we received was that the evening 'was phenomenal'.

Carolyn Lloyd | Children’s University Strategic Manager Central Children’s University


Solo explorer book cover

As an acclaimed photographer and author, Mark’s books are available to bring to life his explorations and adventures through hundreds of his photographs around the world.

The book Solo Explorer is the journey from Mark’s school days to reaching the North Pole including the twists and turns of the adventure that led him there.

Rock & Ice book cover

The photographic book Rock and Ice is a collection of extreme photographs taken on Mark’s journey’s over the past two decades. Bringing to life the path of his own lives adventure.

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A donation from each book will be given to Sherbourne Fields Special School, in Mark’s home City of Coventry, to help re-build their Hydro pool.