Corporate Speaking

Mark is an exceptional and engaging corporate speaker, with a unique perspective on leadership development and team progression. He utilises his own experiences from extraordinary situations on Everest or the extremes of the Arctic to bring out the qualities of a modern-day leader of business.

Mark’s presentations are borne out of the pioneers of exploration such as Shackleton and Scott. Drawing the finest leadership qualities from them. Two of those greatest qualities are consistency and humility, which are lessons which brings Mark into the present day, nurturing future development of leadership whilst drawing unique parallels with global business leadership. This focus on modern day exploration includes leadership from the extremes, working alone in raw environments and preparation for working in hostile conditions.

Mark’s key moments of experience allow him to showcase his learned approach ‘leading from the back’ – including individual and team approach to tasks, the importance of communication, building resilience and overcoming challenges in business, and building a high-performance culture.

As a natural communicator, Mark has the ability to take the room to a life and death situation on the side of Mount Everest, to feeling the cold isolation of Antarctica and being a part of a specialist team crossing the Arctic ocean to the North Pole.

Sharing these unique moments that engage at an individual and team level, the sessions allow everyone to cherry pick specific ideas to support their own personal development and growth.

Mark’s expeditions tap into what is important about contemporary leadership by feeding into the unique situations required in the modern business world. By scrutinising and understanding the past, we appreciate and adapt to the future being agile and open to future leadership development.

Mark has presented to global companies such as Microsoft, Skype and Virgin Money, and sessions have ranged from 12 people talking about boardroom strategy, to conferences addressing over 1,000 people.


Mark has a natural ability to effortlessly link the outdoors and the rigours of exploration with the everyday business environment. His engaging and entertaining style makes the stories and parallels he draws easy to absorb and to act upon. A really great and inspirational speaker.

Jon Geldart | Executive Director - Markets Development at Grant Thornton International Ltd

I had the great pleasure of partnering with Mark while I was Head of Social Good at Skype. Mark is a dedicated and driven explorer who takes calculated risks to continuously push boundaries. He is also a passionate activist reporting from the front lines about the reality of climate change. And finally he is an educator at heart who takes great joy in inspiring and informing young people.

Andy Schmidt | Former head of Social good at Skype / Microsoft


Solo explorer book cover

As an acclaimed photographer and author, Mark’s books are available to bring to life his explorations and adventures through hundreds of his photographs around the world.

The book Solo Explorer mirrors the above approach to leadership and exploration.

Rock & Ice book cover

The photographic book Rock and Ice is a collection of extreme photographs taken on Mark’s journey’s over the past two decades.

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A donation from each book will be given to Sherbourne Fields Special School, in Mark’s home City of Coventry, to help re-build their Hydro pool.