By tapping into the many similarities between the difficult challenges faced by organisations today and the challenges faced by explorers in very dangerous and hostile regions, Mark is able to deliver a highly thought provoking, inspirational and motivating speech to his audiences.

Mark's presentations focus on modern day exploration and include leadership from the extremes, alone in the extremes and preparation for working in hostile environments. His experience has relevance for a range of leadership areas:

Presentation Titles

My Life in a Freezer

Focuses on the life changing decision to leave the stability of a career behind and to step into the unknown of an occupation driven by a passion and a will to succeed.

Thinking different

To operate teams in hostile environments requires a different type of leadership. Mark draws on his own experiences from working in the extremes to working within a business environment.

Below Zero decision making

Whether it’s operating above 8000m or within the white void of the arctic on sea ice Mark outlines the different types of design making and how they parallel business leadership

Presentation Schedule

All presentations and themes can be tailored specifically to meet your requirements with the sessions designed to last between 1 to 2 hours. The presentations can be adapted to include photo opportunities, award presentations, question and answer sessions, socialising with audience members and any other arrangements required.

Prior to all engagements, Mark will make contact to clarify your requirements for the event and confirm the content with you.

To book mark for speaking engagements please contact

United Kingdom

Suki Gallagher
Mob: +44 (0) 7795 468826
Email: suki@sukigallagher.com

North America

Fiona Hughes
Tel: +1 925-672-9547
Email: fionahughesohi@yahoo.com


Mark has a natural ability to effortlessly link the outdoors and the rigours of exploration with the everyday business environment. His engaging and entertaining style makes the stories and parallels he draws easy to absorb and to act upon. A really great and inspirational speaker.

Jon Geldart | Executive Director - Markets Development at Grant Thornton International Ltd

Mark is an engaging and authentic speaker who presented to around thirty business owners and directors as part of our leadership development programme, called Great200Leaders. The theme was "extreme leadership" and Mark had the audience spellbound with a mixture of storytelling, anecdotes, pictures and videos. Our audience thoroughly enjoyed the Q&A session too. Mark has a real edge to his talks.

Ian McLaughlan | Great 200 Leaders conference

In the world of so-called professional adventurers, Mark stands out as being different. Unlike egocentric attention seekers desperate to tell us about their particular brilliance, Mark uses his expeditions to make the world a better place for young people. He does this through education and communication programmes and by generally 'putting something back on the table'. He is a decent man driven by strong principles - a remarkable speaker who can captivate any audience.

Christopher Mike | MD Calibre Management British explorer / Magnetic North Pole 2007, first solo crossing of Iceland 2009

I had the great pleasure of partnering with Mark while I was Head of Social Good at Skype. Mark is a dedicated and driven explorer who takes calculated risks to continuously push boundaries. He is also a passionate activist reporting from the front lines about the reality of climate change. And finally he is an educator at heart who takes great joy in inspiring and informing young people.

Andy Schmidt | Former head of Social good at Skype / Microsoft

Our Skype call with Mark Wood was a highly motivational, exciting and educational experience. My year 5 students are still talking about it weeks later and will follow his future endeavors with great interest. A wonderful way to educate that opened up our eyes to the possibilities of using Skype as an educational tool. We can’t wait for our next Skype call.

Andrew Schulz | Year 5 class teacher Penleigh and Essendon grammar School, Melbourne Australia

Mark is a natural story teller, as well as being an explorer, who has true stories of adventure, bravery and global journeys. He captivated both the children and the adults at the children’s university graduation ceremony, and just one of the many comments we received was that the evening 'was phenomenal'.

Carolyn Lloyd | Children’s university Strategic Manager Central Children’s University

Your life is a wonderful example of ‘choosing life’ and to live it fully; and your Everest story showed that, at a moment of intense pressure when your target was so close, you chose to give life to another. I was so glad that the young people - and their parents and teachers - were given an example of human life, lived well. Your decision was a moment of human greatness that will surpass any other personal achievement.

The Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth | Bishop of Coventry UK