By tapping into the many similarities between the difficult challenges faced by organisations today and the challenges faced by explorers in very dangerous and hostile regions, Mark is able to deliver a highly thought provoking, inspirational and motivating speech to his audiences.

Mark has a natural ability to engage his audience by sharing honest accounts of his extraordinary journeys across the world’s most extreme environments. The hard-won lessons from diverse experiences and expeditions across unforgiving landscapes and situations, are shared with humility, allowing the audience to easily connect whilst his ultimate passion is to allow people to understand the planet and their own full potential and personal growth.

Corporate Speaking

Mark is an exceptional and engaging corporate speaker, with a unique perspective on leadership development and team progression. He utilises his own experiences from extraordinary situations on Everest or the extremes of the Arctic to bring out the qualities of a modern-day leader of business.

He has guided novices through storms in the Arctic on numerous expeditions, and from those learnings, he shares parallels universally applicable with leadership in the modern era.

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Education Programme

Mark’s presentations begin with Shackleton and Scott - the pioneers of exploration, with a transition through to modern day explorers and exploration.

Mark has used his expeditions to create extreme global classrooms inspiring young people around the globe to understand themselves, their own potential, the responsibility they have to their local environment and the bigger picture globally.

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