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Norway Training 2015

North Pole training expedition in a remote military area in high Arctic Norway

In March 2015 the team members for the North Pole expedition team 2016 went out to Norway to train and test new equipment. As the terrain on the arctic ocean is so different to any other place on the planet we decided to invest in new skis and boots to cope with the pressures we face.

We headed along a frozen lake for a period of 2 weeks dropping into the coast line in the evening to pitch our tent and recover for the next days push. Endurance is a big factor in the 2016 trip so we covered as much ice as possible - at the end of the day we made sure we did an extra hour just to make sure we had it in us.

Communications is something we also needed to focus on as visabilbity can be low on the ocean so we needed to test the best radios for the job. They needed to be able to withstand the cold, wind and wet - with this in mind we choose HYTERA radios.

There was a mixture of wildlife to keep us alert from wolves to dear and bears - from the ice we noticed movement in the wood line and when we pitched in the evening the areas were covered in prints. Even though we were just 2 hours North of Oslo the area at this time of year is very remote - it felt good to be in the cold and out on ice. A real focus on what lies ahead on the arctic ocean for the North Pole in 2016.