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Geographic North Pole Expedition 2016

Capture unique beauty and deteriorating conditions


The aim of this expedition was to film the state of the Arctic Ice as we crossing the ocean to the Geographic North Pole.

It’s a widely accepted fact that the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. Climate scientists are now predicting that the Arctic could be effectively ice-free by 2058. These rapid environmental changes will likely consign epic, long range, polar ice expeditions to the pages of history.

We wanted this expedition to capture the unique beauty and global significance of this remote region before it changes dramatically. The deteriorating conditions on the ice made this journey – quite literally – “A Race Against Time”.


The team was made up of qualified explorers, specialising in long- range, cold weather expeditions. The combined experience’s operating in hostile, frozen environments allowed us to have a better understanding and respect of the sea ice.

Working with me on the expedition were two other polar explorers:


Mark has recently retired from the army as a Warrant Officer after 27 years. He has experienced all climates including Jungle, Desert and Polar, with many exercises in Norway and Sweden. Mark completed a solo unsupported Expedition to the South Pole in 2008/9.

He was the team leader of the Scott team in the British Army’s Centenary Expedition 2011/12 following Capt. Scott’s route to the South Pole via the Beardmore Glacier. Mark is also a qualified Army Survival Instructor.


Paul is a Warrant Officer in the British Army. During his military career Paul has faced many testing and hostile scenarios, he’s trained in extreme cold weather environments in Norway, USA, Europe, Canada, Peruvian Andes and Antarctica. He’s a qualified Army rock climbing instructor, mountain leader and ski tour instructor, not to mention a patrol medic and a State Registered Paramedic.

During the winter of 2011/12, Paul completed a 920-mile unsupported journey following the route of Captain Scott to the Geographic South Pole, as part of the Centenary Race of Scott & Amundsen.


Sir Ranulph Fiennes

“The success of this British expedition will be based on the team’s stubborn persistence, endurance and their deep understanding of the environment”

“Traversing across what has got to be one of the most fragile, barren and unforgiving landscapes on our planet; it will take every ounce of determination that they possess. Very few people through history have stepped off the Arctic coastline to venture to the pole and I wish them every success.”

Lt Col Henry Worsley MBE 1960 – 2016

Explorer, author and speaker and descendant of Frank Worsley (Captain of Endurance – Shackleton’s famous expedition ship).

“As its title suggests, this expedition may well be one of the last to set out on foot across the frozen Arctic Ocean to the North Pole. I think it admirable that at this crucial time in our planet’s evolution, the challenges facing all life forms due to changes in our climate will be broadcast to focus on a wide, young audience by Mark and the team via this bold endeavour. “

Dr Stephan Harrison BSc PhD – Climate Change Scientist

“This expedition to the North Pole is coming at a momentous time for the region. For the second year in a row Arctic sea ice is at a record low after a very warm winter season where temperatures were between 2-6 degrees Celsius warmer than average.” “This is almost certainly a consequence of global warming driven inexorably by human activities, and the Arctic is the place where its effects are being seen most dramatically. It may well be that the continued melting of sea ice will make expeditions like this one impossible within a few years. A sobering thought as we fail to halt the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.“

Pilgrims Master

We are the Pilgrims, master; we shall go Always a little further: it may be Beyond the last blue mountain barred with snow, Across that angry or that glimmering sea.

The Golden Road to Samarkand by James Elroy Flecker