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Mount Everest training expedition - 2012

Training for the Skype Mount Everest Ascent expedition in 2013

As part of the training for the Skype Mount Everest Ascent expedition in 2013 I spent six weeks in September / October 2012 training in the Himalayas. A section of this training was to find remote visual Skype links within the mountains using satellites to create a localised wifi connection. This was tested by connecting to schools and companies en route.

Amongst the twelve Skype links, I managed to speak to a Norwegian adventure film festival, a school in Japan who were affected by the tsunami and a company who asked me to compare leadership in the extremes with business leadership.

The exciting part for me was to link to these areas as we progressed on the expedition, allowing people to follow and be a part of the journey. We crossed crevasses and climbed up to 6184m with the highest call at 5340m. All photographs were taken by my expedition team leader - Mark Kelly.