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Its not just the mountains and the goal its about the communities and the chance to put something back

Through my guiding company Snowball expeditions I have come out of the cold polar regions and set up treks with in the mountains of the Himalayas. Over the past few years I have become great friends with our logistics personal in Nepal. Together we have formed a mixture of Sherpa's, porters and British guides to lead teams along the historical routes through the Everest and Annapurna regions.

To date we have guided over one hundred and sixty everyday adventurers on an experience of a lifetime. The treks are more of a cultural journey as we pass through villages and interact with the local people along the way.

Working closely with companies such as Skype we have managed to set up school projects in some of the poorer villages on route. The people who go on the treks spend time working on the projects as part of their journey which adds to the whole experience.

We also look after the well fare of our Nepalese Sherpa's and porters. This is achieved by giving them insurance and health care cover as well as supplying good food and accommodation along the route. Every year we give them new walking boots, socks, water proof clothing, fleece, hats and gloves.

This may seem strange but these are areas that have been over looked in the past on some other expeditions. However, we feel that their own health is essential and their involvement with the teams are all part of the experience. What I get out of it is simple - the mountains and valleys are awe inspiring and it gives me immense satisfaction to see the reaction of people who visit the Himalayas for the first time.