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Himalayan Adventure

Leading a base camp trek for the Simon Says charity

To date I have guided over 180 people through the mountains of the Himalayas and I have also climbed 6000m plus peaks. Ascending Everest in 2013 opened my eyes to a different type of adventure but my love of this extra ordinary place is more about the people and the religious structure of their lives that allows outsiders to immerse themselves in the culture for just a short while.

In 2015 many of my Nepalese friends who had worked for me over 10 years as porters and guides were affected by the horrendous earthquakes. I was asked to lead a base camp trek for a charity called Simon Says who support children who have lost their parents. When I met these guys I didn’t think twice about doing this but I needed to make sure that the adults who (would do the trip to raise funds for the charity) were going to be safe on the mountain. I was re-assured by my lead guide Devendra Rai that it was indeed safe to head out to Nepal.

I then open it up to others outside of the charity as an opportunity to experience a life changing adventure. So then a team was formed and the purpose for me was to again to support my education partners in the UK in running a daily update program for their global audience of students and also to film a short document on “Looking at Nepal with Fresh Eyes”

The idea of the film was to restore faith back into trekkers to head back out to the country after the quakes and to put money back into the economy of Nepal. We did this in a very discreet way - filming the buildings affected by the tremors along with the peoples’ reactions on route to Mount Everest's Base camp.

The trip was a success and now I feel Nepal is back on the mend - Nepal is open for business.