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Alaskan Dog Sledding

Filming the Alaskan Huskies and their mushers for an educational schools program

I had always wanted to see Alaska - it's just one of the places that has been in the back of my mind for years. Finally the opportunity came along to work with a dog musher called Brent Sass who has competed in the famous Yukon Quest (an endurance race) and owns over forty dogs in the backwoods of Fairbanks. A great character and a bit of a legend in the sledding world. His home he shares with the dogs is situated at the edge of an icy wilderness of frozen lakes and snow-covered trees, a truly amazing location.

The idea of the expedition was to fly into Fairbanks and spend a few weeks filming the day to day routine of Brent working with his Alaskan huskies.

The films would then be a part of the educational programme that was being developed for schools and universities. Giving students a visual understanding of extreme areas around the world and how the people within these incredible places live.

The cameraman on the expedition was a good friend from the UK Steve Reynolds. Steve is well established as director and film maker and has worked on projects with me before. His method of filming the dog teams was to get as close to the action as possible: with one hand holding onto his camera and the other holding onto a sled for dear life, he caught some fantastic footage as we raced with the dogs over ice covered lakes and weaved through the trees on the forest trails. Looking to the future we hope to work again with Brent but further North in the Alaskan high arctic - its something else to put at the back of my mind.