Mark’s reason for exploring has changed over the years from testing himself physically and mentally in the extremes to developing meaningful documentaries and presentations about modern day exploration.

In the beginning, exploration was more about testing himself physically and mentally whilst operating within the planet’s extremes, however Mark’s reason for exploring has changed over the years. He explored and filmed to create a global audience to understand the worth of the planet and the importance of modern day exploration.

With over thirty five expeditions to date, a growth audience of now 1.2 million students worldwide and a brand alignment with some of the worlds leading companies these are a few of Mark’s extraordinary journeys.

Polar Expeditions

I feel comfortable operating in a freezer, I enjoy the simplicity and isolation that the polar regions offer.

Geographic North Pole Expedition
A three man team reached the pole in the hottest season ever recorded as part of a major documentary on how modern day exploration is being affected by environmental change.

Norway training expedition
A two week intense survival training in a remote military area in high Arctic Norway in preparation for the 2016 North pole expedition.

Solo North Geographic North Pole expedition
Solo, unsupported and unaided 200 nautical mile crossing of the arctic ocean to the pole as part of a Channel 5 documentary - North Pole Ice Airport.

Solo South Geographic Pole expedition
As part of an award winning documentary, 'Solo Explorer”. A fifty day, 700 statute mile journey to the pole. Unsupported and unaided.

Resolute Bay to Gris Fiord expedition
Mark led the first team outside of the Inuit community to cross an old trading route between the highest Inuit settlements in the Canadian high arctic. 300 miles across Cornwallis Island, the North West passage and Devon Island.

Our World Expedition
Working from Gris Fiord, a community of 70 plus people within the highest settlements in the Canadian high arctic. Using a two week crossing of Jones Sound an education project was set up to engage with young people around the world to understand the effects of climate change on remote communities.

BBC Top Gear ‘A Race to the Pole’ expedition
Mark was a guide for presenters Jeramy Clarkson and James May along with being the safety consultant for the program. It consisted of dog team race against a Helix 4x4 to the Magnetic North Pole. (1996 pole position)

Extreme Polar Race
Safety and technical support for an endurance race to the Magnetic

Geomagnetic North Pole expedition
Mark led a team across Ellesmere Island in the Canadian high arctic and between Canada and Greenland to the pole.

High arctic training expedition
Mark trained two teams from the UK using Resolute Bay in the Canadian high arctic as a base. Operating a survival course around the North West passage in preparation for a Geomagnetic pole expedition.

Geomagnetic North Pole expedition
Operating within a team Mark headed from Eureka on Ellesmere Island south/ west through the Svredrup parse to the West coast of Ellesmere to reach the pole. A journey of 300 nautical miles.

Survival training expedition.
Operating from Resolute Bay in the Canadian high arctic and along the North west passage Mark trained for more than a seventy day period and also had tests done on him for Cancer Research UK.

Mountain Expeditions

Operating in high altitude scares me - a mountain has it’s own heart beat and can be unpredictable.

Mount Everest ascent expedition
Expedition 8848 used Mount Everest to engage with over 1.2 million students around the world using education platforms with Skype in the Classroom and Lonely Planet Kids.

2004 - 2019
Mark Wood Explorer Guiding Company
Various base camp and 6000 metre plus expeditions with the Khumbu and Annapurna regions of the Himalayas guiding over 500 people on the trail.

Mount Everest Ascent expedition
Using Skype technology Mark connected live with over 10,000 students around the world with an ascent of Mount Everest. Holding classroom experiences from Kathmandu, the holy temple of Tengbouche and within the death zone above 7,500 metres.

2010 - 2012
Island Peak expeditions
Mark led two expeditions to Island Peak (6184 metres) within the Himalayas as part of an educational program with The University of Warwick, UK.

Other Ventures

It’s important to fill your life with adventure and new experiences - make mistakes, test yourself, be afraid but keep moving forward.

Alaskan Dogsledding
Operating in Fairbanks Alaska with Iditarod / Yukon Quest mushers Mark and film director Tom Martienssen filmed for part of a major documentary called, ‘Solo 100’

Film Africa
Mark worked with film director Tom Martienssen on a documentary called Solo 100, filming in schools and with anti-poaching teams.

Cycle Oman
Mark crossed 800 miles from the North to South of Oman on a bicycle, a team supported venture.

Crossing Iceland
Mark crossed on foot with his colleague Ryan Scarrett from the North to South of Iceland pulling a Mountain trailer with all food and equipment. 350 miles of snow, ice, green fields and volcanic landscape.

Cycle New Zealand
As part of an education program for The University of Warwick Mark cycled on his own from the tip of the North Island to the tip of the south island. Delivering talks in schools along the way and running Skype calls with conferences on exploration.

Alaskan Dog Sledding
Filming the Alaskan Huskies and their mushers for an educational schools program

Cycle across America
Mark cycled 3,500 miles from Seattle to NYC over an 8 week period.

Education Programs

I sat, tethered to a block of ice in the death zone on the side of Mount Everest. In -30℃ with a strong Katabatic wind pushing down the mountain I connected with over 200 children in Australia live on Skype and held a lesson with Mount Everest as a back drop; this is how I measure my achievements.

The Arctic schools program

Over a six week period Mark operated within the Canadian high arctic between Resolute Bay along the North west passage and Gris Fiord which is the highest settlement in Canada. This project linked school children within the UK with the extreme arctic and the people who live there.

Expedition 8848

Mark conducted a series of live lessons via Skype along the trail from Kathmandu to the summit of Everest in Nepal. With over 10,000 students involved this was the first time the technology had been used in such an extreme way on earth.

The Global Schools program

Having guided over 20 trekking expeditions through the Khumbu region of Nepal Mark worked with Skype in the Classroom to support remote schools along the trails. Bringing teachers from the UK to support the schools and running separate expeditions to set up electric, broadband and discs to use Skype. Equipment was also donated to support the curriculum and the trekkers themselves helped to paint the schools.

My Life in a Freezer

Mark’s solo journeys to both the North and South Geographic poles were followed on social media by thousands of students worldwide and support by educational areas including The University of Warwick, Skype in the Classroom and others. On Mark’s return he gave talks in schools all over the world to the students who engaged with the project.