Mark’s reason for exploring has changed over the years from testing himself physically and mentally in the extremes to developing meaningful documentaries and presentations about modern day exploration.

After serving in the British Army and then as a Firefighter in the Fire and Rescue Service Mark went on to train and lead teams for major polar and mountain expeditions. Operating in areas such as the Arctic circle, the Himalayas, Antarctica, Alaska - along with the Norwegian and Canadian high Arctic Mark developed a passion for exploration.

He has completed over 30 major expeditions around the world including a solo expedition to the South Geographic Pole followed directly by a 200 mile solo crossing of the Arctic ocean to the Geographic North Pole which became part of a Channel 5 documentary. Additionally, he has crossed the horizontal Everest of the Canadian high arctic to the Geomagnetic Pole, twice, and supported the BBC Top gear team to the Magnetic North Pole.

Mark is currently working on his next expedition, Solo100, and combines his time with writing books and delivering speaking engagements speaking.

Affiliations and Associations

When I am asked to support an organisation I first of all see if my own work can contribute to their vision and ethics. For me it’s a privilege to be associated with some remarkable people who ultimately want to make a real difference.

The Royal Geographical Society
The Explorers Club
The Explorers Club, Great Britain and Ireland chapter
The Explorers Club, Norwegian chapter
The Princes trust
The United Kingdom Scouting movement
Scout Adventurer
Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 50th anniversary The Peoples Moon
Plas Dol-y-Moch Adventure Centre
Hire A Hero United Kingdom Charity
The University of Warwick
Explorer in residence

Investors and Supporters

My work over the years connecting with thousands of young people all over the world and creating extreme ground breaking journeys are only as good as the companies and individuals who truly believe in me and my vision.

Investment is about creating remarkable events that enhance brands on an historical level.